What is Infogami

The art of transforming data into meaningful information

Infogami Business Intelligence (BI) solutions turn raw data into information that enables businesses to gain insights, improve decision making, reduce costs and support strategic objectives.

Subject matter expertise is central to the Infogami ethos. The ability to communicate effectively and understand requirements, separates Infogami from other BI solutions.

Bridging the gap between information and collaboration, Infogami solutions enhance collaborative decision making and interaction. This improves the communication and information sharing process within an organisation.

Infogami comprises of five parts:

Business Requirements

Understanding an organisation’s needs and priorities. The Infogami business analysis team have strong communication skills, are customer focused and skilled in gathering and understanding business requirements.

Data Warehouse/Data Marts

Data loaded from different data sources regularly through automated processes. Data is cleansed, consistent and reliable and is processed to include value added data.


Intelligence from the data in the warehouse in the form of dashboards, dynamic reports, Key performance Indicators, scorecards and OLAP cubes.

Predictive Analytics

Statistical or data mining solution consisting of algorithms and techniques that can be used on both structured and unstructured data (together or individually) to determine future outcomes. Our solution can be deployed for prediction, optimization, forecasting and simulation of future scenarios.

Collaboration and Communication

Web-based platform to share knowledge and insights. Brings together structured and unstructured information, people and expertise to deliver a rich BI experience, and in turn empower individuals to quickly respond to changing business needs.

Big Data: Solutions to Reshape Healthcare

Healthcare organisations are buried in mountains of data and have urgent needs to quickly access, analyse and report on their critical financial, clinical and operational data.

What’s more, the requirement to report on increasing numbers of quality metrics and clinical data exchanges is becoming ever more  resource intensive.

Without the right data solution in place, organisations will be unable to meet these needs and surpass these challenges, which can negatively impact clinical outcomes and quality of care.

Infogami offers a range of customized solutions to help healthcare organisations to:

Improve quality of patient care and safety through the ability to make more evidence-based decisions.
Easily implement new systems in days (rather than months or years), without significant programming and end user training, which can help reduce total cost of ownership.
Achieve more productive operations, by being able  to quickly and easily extract, manage, analyse, and distribute critical information without additional programming or assistance from IT.
Manage confidential data in a secure, integrated way.
Collaborate, communicate and manage essential information without duplication

Some of the key solutions provided include: